Institute for Sustainability blog is moving

The Institute for Sustainability blog is moving. You can now find us at If you follow our blog we are in the process of moving our subscription list so you should still receive updates by email, however, if you’re a WordPress user you may need to sign up to our blog again through the WordPress Reader.

We are also pleased to announce that we are launching our blog series on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The targets and indicators for the UN SDGs will not be decided officially until September 2015.  This means there is still time for academic researchers to have input into how the Goals can be realised. This series from researchers across Newcastle University’s Societal Challenge Themes provides guidance for the SDG targets and indicators, and represents the breadth and depth of research relevant to international policy making from Newcastle University.

The first blog post of the series is now available at and we will tweet each post via Twitter @NCLSustainable #SDGs #post2015. We welcome your comments on this series and hope you find the blogs thoughtful and informative. If you are active on Twitter or Facebook please share links to the blogs with your contacts. Thank you for your support.

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